vivo Y36 vs vivo Y35 – Pretty similar, even though they look different

Gadgetren – Although it looks like a different mobile phone at first glance, it turns out that the Vivo Y36 still uses almost the same specifications and support as its predecessor, the Vivo Y35.

The most visible thing of the similarities of the two mobile phones is also the kitchen motive. The Vivo Y36 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 (6nm) chipset that can be driven up to 2.4GHz with 8GB of RAM.

The battery used by the Vivo Y36 still has a capacity of 5,000 mAh. Similarly, charging is still based on FlashCharge 44W technology, which is not too different from what the Vivo Y35 relies on to reduce the time duration.

To provide reliability in use, Vivo Y36 is also equipped with splash and dust resistant features with certified IP54 level. The mobile phone also underwent rigorous testing as per the Vivo Y35 before it was finally released in the market.

Next, with all sorts of similarities, is the Vivo Y36 worth considering if we’re looking to upgrade from the Vivo Y35, especially since the launch price is also relatively the same? For those of you who are in doubt, of course you should see the differences between the two devices before deciding on it.

The difference between Vivo Y36 and Vivo Y35

Although it has many similarities, the Vivo Y36 still has several differences compared to its predecessor. Including what we can see more of, namely the body design used by the two devices.

The device Vivo Y36 in this case slides well Dynamic glass design based on glass material as growth materials. While the Vivo Y35 uses vivo Dynamic Color that are exploited glass plastic with crystal mat.

vivo Y36 vs vivo Y35 - 1

Varian vivo Y36

The color options available from the designs of the two phones are also slightly different. The Vivo Y36 device can be recommended by choosing between variants Glitter Aqua and Meteor Black while the vivo Y35 is in between Golden Dawn and Black Agate.

On the front, the Vivo Y36 display design also looks more modern with a camera-shaped hole drill hole called Ultra O Screen. This looks very different from the Vivo Y35 which is still in use small bumps like water droplets to accommodate it.

This design difference is also followed by the display specifications incorporated in the two mobile phones. Although both use LCD displays, the Vivo Y36 is the same size 6.64 in with analysis 2388 × 1080 pixels live seedling Y35 6.58 in with 2408 × 1080 pixels.

The maximum screen brightness level of the two is quite different. Vivo Y36 LCD can reach 650 nits which in theory will be more reliable when we are in hot conditions even compared to the Vivo Y35 which is only 550 nits.

vivo Y36 vs vivo Y35

Varian vivo Y35

Of the various kinds of differences, the increase in internal storage media of the Vivo Y36 is the most interesting aspect. The phone is now because it is equipped with capacity 256 GB even though the launch price is the same as the vivo Y35 that it had previously only 128 GB.

With double the storage media capacity, we can also be more flexible in managing the different kinds of files we have. No need to worry when installing multiple apps or downloading videos, photos or documents.

In addition, Vivo Y36 is now equipped with support NFC (Near Field Communication) which previously we could not find in Vivo Y35. Thus, these devices can facilitate users such as checking e-money balances, making cashless payments or connecting accessories.

Unfortunately, with some of the above improvements, the Vivo Y36 has to sacrifice one of its cameras. The device is no longer equipped with 2MP macro sensor same as vivo Y35 so it only has 50MP + 2MP depth lens and 16MP front.

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