What are the topics from Instagram that are causing Twitter?

Gadgetren – 30 million users are reported to have subscribed to the Meta-owned Threads platform, which is linked to an Instagram account. This has also been conveyed by Mark Zuckerberg as CEO of Meta.

The presence of the Threads platform itself was deliberately designed by Instagram to provide a place for Twitter users who are frustrated with the new rules that have been put in place, such as Twitter Blue paid verification and others.

Instagram also moves quickly and intelligently to respond to the situation users are feeling. According to Adam Mosseri as the head of Instagram, there is a great opportunity for his party to enter the text-based platform in an uncertain situation on Twitter.

Mosseri also revealed that at the beginning of using Threads, he opened it as wide as possible so that anyone and any community could have open text conversations publicly on Threads without special regulations.

So what are Threads? Quite similar to Twitter, here is a more detailed explanation of this new social media.

What are threads?

Basically, Threads takes an idea from Twitter where users can share topics or discussions with each other via text and allows them to communicate with each other through the comment column.

In addition to being able to respond to each thread, we can also share ours and other threads on IG stories, feeds, Twitter and other media such as WhatsApp, Telegram, email, Facebook and more.


Right now, those of you who have tried Threads may feel that the interface feels like it’s copying Twitter. This is also common since Twitter is a pioneer and already has a large community base, so Instagram first needs to make a familiar appearance for the convenience of users.

It is also thought that threads take a long time to become part of large public conversations. Therefore, Threads is given a lot of features which are enough to spoil non-Twitter users.

Users can write text up to 500 characters in Threads while Twitter only has 280 characters. Uploading a video on Threads can take up to 5 minutes, while on Twitter it’s only 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Meanwhile, when uploading threads, you can also choose the option to make them visible to everyone, the friends you follow, or certain people mentioned (Mentioned Only). Like Instagram, Threads also provides security that allows users to report and block a post or account.


However, it is known that Threads still has limitations since it is still in the development process. Limitations found in threads such as hashtags not working yet, searches for accounts still not topic-based, not having IMs or IMs, and no trending topics.

In this regard, Instagram promises to provide features that allow users to follow topics they like, suggest favorite topics, and present a list of trending topics.

Some parties also claim that deleting a Threads account means deleting an Instagram account. Phak Instagram that subsequent Threads accounts can be deleted independently through the Threads app in the settings menu or Settings.

With this further development, of course, Threads can become a competitor to Twitter in the future. However, it is not yet certain whether Threads will have a long life.

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