What is Call Forwarding? Here is the explanation!

Gadgetren – Even though video calls or voice calls over the internet are starting to take their place, phone calls are still sometimes the primary choice for some of us.

Phone calls are one of the most effective ways you can use to get a quick response from the person you’re talking to. Especially when we do not have a data plan, the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet network or the connection is insufficient.

But of course, using a landline has its share of problems. One of them may have experienced sudden call forwarding instead of connecting directly to the number you want to reach.

Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, we often end up hanging up directly, so that in the end we do not speak to the number we contacted. We already assume they won’t answer it.

The assumption that calls are diverted due to non-answer from the intended number is not entirely wrong. But that’s not entirely true either because sometimes they arrange it that way on purpose.

What is Call Forwarding?

According to the term used, call forwarding is the process of transferring telephone connections to an alternative number of the person you are contacting. So it’s really designed so that callers can still contact them.

Call forwarding itself is one of the supports provided by mobile operators. But generally, the settings can be done through the phone settings where each mobile phone model definitely requires a different method.

Under the generic name of Call Forwarding, we can also customize the settings to support diverting phone connections as needed. The router can be configured to immediately divert all calls to an alternate number or use a specific trigger.

There are many settings that can be used as triggers to divert calls, including inactive numbers, for example because the mobile phone is out of power, is busy because it receives another call, or simply does not answer so that it can be forwarded.

Therefore, when a call we are making is suddenly diverted, it does not mean that the concerned contact cannot be reached. The number may be inactive or busy, but the phone connection will still be forwarded even to their other number.

You just have to remember, there’s still a chance that later the contact you want to reach won’t answer the call or the phone line won’t reach because the alternate number isn’t available either.

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