What is Telkomsel One, which can be a complete solution?

Gadgetren – To provide convenience to its customers, Telkomsel operators are again introducing a new range of service products this time called Telkomsel One.

This new range of products from Telkomsel can also be a solution for customers who need an all-in-one connection for seamless access to internet, phone and digital services without being tied to one type of network technology.

Packages from Telkomsel One are available from 21 July 2023 yesterday for 501 areas/cities in Indonesia. But before we activate it, we definitely need to get to know the product line better first.

What is Telkomsel One?

Telkomsel One is a convergence product that combines the advantages of IndiHome and Telkomsel services as a complete solution. The first is one of the implementations of the Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) initiative.

A little note for those of you who don’t know, Fixed Mobile Convergence itself generally refers to the consolidation of services between fixed broadband (home internet network) and mobile broadband (mobile data connection). The aim is to present a complete product.

The merger of IndiHome, which is a home internet network provider, and Telkomsel as a mobile provider on July 1, 2023 ago, which eventually gave birth to Telkomsel One is a form of implementation of Fixed Mobile Convergence.

Especially for Telkomsel One, so we can later enjoy a combination of IndiHome, Orbit, Telkomsel Prepaid or Halo services as a unified solution. Everything is integrated into one account, point of contact and application.

Telkomsel One provides internet services ranging from IndiHome with bandwidth up to 2 Gbps, Orbit limit up to 20 GB, Family limit up to 80 GB, Closed User Group (CUG) services for free calls or SMS to colleagues, IPTV channel, as well as entertainment services in one package.

It’s just that the benefits of each package offered by Telkomsel One may indeed differ. The new product line even divides it into three categories that include Complete, Dynamic and Easy packages that can be chosen according to the needs of the customers.

Complete package can be selected if you need IndiHome, Orbit and Family Quota services from Telkomsel. Package Dynamic for customers who only want IndiHome and Family Quota. Temporary Easy package for Orbit and Family Quota services.

The price is also relatively different depending on the benefits offered where we can choose from Rp. 120 thousand. per month. Unfortunately, Telkomsel One products are only available for new customers or those looking to upgrade their IndiHome speed.

Information about Telkomsel One can be seen through the page If you have questions, we can also contact the company’s customer service through the Call Center 188, page Telkomsel supportor the GraPARI office.

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