WhatsApp introduces privacy features for unknown calls

Gadgetren – WhatsApp once again provides another new security feature to increase users’ communication privacy protection, which includes muting unknown phones and privacy controls.

These two new security features are introduced by WhatsApp to provide a level of privacy previously provided through End-to-end encryption. According to Gadgetren team tracking, this security feature can already be enjoyed in Indonesia.

Previously, WhatsApp also launched a Chat Lock feature that was able to protect sensitive chats with a password, Auto-disappearing Temporary messages, blocking screenshots for One View, and the ability to maintain a private online presence.

Now with these two new security features, users WhatsApp will have additional security protections. As the name suggests, the unknown phone mute feature will help users filter out phone calls that are indicated as spam, scams, or from unknown people.

This unknown phone mute feature has something to do with the privacy control feature where users can enable it from these settings. With the privacy control feature, users can get customized protection settings options according to their individual preferences.

Meanwhile, the location of the privacy control feature itself is in the Privacy menu in the Settings of the WhatsApp app. In the Privacy menu, the privacy control feature will appear at the top. The user simply select Start Inspection to begin.

WhatsApp Privacy-Checking-Functions

On the privacy control page, users will have more comprehensive privacy setting options to enhance security from incoming calls, protect personal information, messages and add additional protection to your WhatsApp account.

If the unknown phone call mute feature is enabled, then unknown calls or unsaved numbers will be muted. Additionally, the call will still appear in the incoming calls list.


In addition, users can also manage the permissions of anyone who can add to the group. For example, only from user contacts, all or more specific settings by selecting specific contacts.

Then users can also set to stop all calls, messages and status updates from selected or blocked contacts. Through the privacy control feature, users will get settings options that were already available in the previous Settings menu with a newer look.

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