WhatsApp introduces voting and sharing features update with descriptions

The Gadget – WhatsApp has officially released a new update for the messaging app that includes three new poll features, push with description and send document with description.

The presence of this WhatsApp feature update allows users to use WhatsApp to chat more productively and more fun. Polls update, WhatsApp provides three new features like creating polls with one vote, searching for polls in chats and getting the latest information from polls.

When it comes to creating a single vote poll, WhatsApp has added a new poll option that allows users to allow respondents to vote only once so that respondents get a definitive answer, not more than one answer.

To use the single vote feature, users can simply disable the “Allow multiple responses” button by dragging the green button to the left to gray when creating a poll.

Then, the poll search feature in chat allows users to filter messages based on polls, just like when filtering photos, videos, or links. You can use the poll search feature in chats by tapping “Search” on the group chat screen and tapping “Polls” to find a list of all results.

In addition, the function receives the latest information from polls, users will receive notifications when someone gives a choice in a poll, so that the latest answers are easily known. Apart from the new features in polls, WhatsApp also introduces a description sharing feature that is better than before.

Which now users can promote photos, website links or videos with captions at the same time where it was not possible to promote with subtitles. With this feature, sharing or forwarding photos from other contacts chats can add a description so that the recipient can get the intended purpose of the message.

In addition to sharing captions when pushing media, it also offers options to keep, delete or completely rewrite captions to provide additional information when sharing photos between chats.


In addition to the ability to add captions to photos and videos, users can also share documents by adding captions. Word work documents that you want to share with contacts now have the option to add a description before sharing them.

According to WhatsApp about its availability in all regions, all these updates will roll out gradually to everyone in the coming weeks, including Indonesia.

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