Xiaomi 13T Pros and Weaknesses – It will be the right device to consider

Gadgetren – The launch of the Xiaomi 13T device is estimated to be near. Many leaked specifications have started appearing after various kinds of news about this mobile phone.

If you look at the brief specifications from the leaks so far, the Xiaomi 13T seems to be the right alternative. In addition, the T series family is usually more affordable than the regular series.

For those of you who don’t know, of course, you can more easily listen to the leaked specifications of the phone in the form of pros and cons. So, at the same time, you can think about whether the Xiaomi 13T is really worth recommending or not.

Extreme Xiaomi 13T

According to reports, the Xiaomi 13T will launch with the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset as the kitchen runner. If so, this device will definitely be one of the reliable performing devices today.

At first glance, for those of you who have just heard of it, the Dimensity 9200 is a chipset developed with 4nm process technology. The base also uses the ARM Cortex-X3, Cortex-A715 and Cortex-A510 architectures that can be driven up to 3.05GHz.

This high-end chipset from MediaTek also features an ARM Immortalis-G715 GPU which is supported by a hardware-based ray tracing engine. In addition, the new graphics processor also supports Variable Rate Shading (VRS) which has two times better capabilities than the previous generation.

Thanks to this chipset, the Xiaomi 13T is also able to pack a pretty attractive display. The problem is that this device is rumored to have a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel with a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which is even higher than most mobile phones today.

Xiaomi’s high-end device will also reportedly come with fairly large memory support. Apart from the 8GB of RAM, the Xiaomi 13T is also seen to be backed by 256GB of internal storage.

Like Xiaomi’s mid-range phones in general, the Xiaomi 13T is also rumored to be equipped with a 5,000mAh battery. The device is also said to support 67W Turbo Charging as support.

Interestingly enough, the mobile phone will carry a camera with technology developed by Leica. There is simply no more information about the resolution in the array of lenses that will be used.

Disadvantages of Xiaomi 13T

Based on the leaked specifications that have been circulating as of the publication of this article, I myself have not found any major downsides to this mobile phone. However, keep in mind that the Xiaomi 13T is definitely not a perfect device.

Referring to Xiaomi’s range of mid-high-end phones in the past, it is likely that some features will be omitted following the current trends. This includes audio jacks or external storage media jacks.

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